Papasidero, a country that comes from afar....
E 'lies on a rocky spur 210 meters above sea level. It covers an area of 54 square kilometers and crossed the river and the river Lao S. Nocaio. Is 18 km from the SA-RC & 23 km from mare.Papasidero and 'nature reserve and is part of the Parco Nazionale del Pollino. The human occupancy in the area since prehistoric times and 'witnessed by an important archaeological site: the L aGrotta Romito, discovered in 1961. The historic center of the country shows a typical urban mediaval, was' made up roughly the XI ° the thirteenth century from taking startup Lombard became a fortress castle in age-Sveva Norman (1190-1250) expanded nal period Angioino (1300) and Aragon (from 1400 to 1500). Papasidero The name derives from the name of un'Abate (Papas-Isidoros, father or priest Isidore) head of a monastery in the region mercuriense, home of the Basilian monasticism. Papasidero 1500 suffers from an aging population and increasing it 'was elevated to University Feudal' (Common) and the church of S. Constantine became a parish in 1510. The place 'was in possession of the descendants of Norman Alitto of Sanseverino and Spinelli di Scalea appertenne that up to 1806. Since 1593 he has operated a mountain of mercy 'of the Bishop cassanese Lewis Owen (Ludovico Audoeno) and starting from the goal' of the seventeenth century the brotherhood 'of the Assumption. She gave birth to Charles Paolino (1723-1803) humanist, Francesco Mastrot (1777-1847) teacher, Mary Angelica Mastrot (1851-1891) mysticism. Grotta del Romito location in 'the same name at 13 km from the city center. The discovery dates back to 1961. The cave is in 2 parts distinct: The Cave real deep about 20 m along the shelter about 40 m. during the excavations were found three double burials of individuals of short stature (approximately 1.50 m) and numerous stone and bone artefacts. In the shelter carved on a stone of about 2.30 m in length and angle of 45 °, you can 'admire the beautiful graffiti of 1.20 m. depicting a prehistoric Toro (bos primigenius 10,800 BC). E 'una delle piu' rock interesting expressions of the upper Paleolithic. The area consists in the Archaeological Park features a small museum with teaching all the essential information. OATS AND 'ancient old town where hours uninhabited and still' can relive glimpses of life quatidiana typical of the postwar period. A surreal calm prevails in which the subject can 'grasp the real expressive language of a nature and wildlife that is living. Of particular interest 'in un'affresco Byzantine church dating from the year one thousand Mother Shrine of Constantinople XVII Century was built in the middle' of 600 was extended to the end of 700 and in the first half 'of the nineteenth century. Has a T plan with three naves, a large fresco depicting the Virgin and Child and a bishop kneeling in the high Arcangeelo Michele that pierces Satan in flames, its execution and 'took place between 700 and Ottocento Lao River is born in the province of Potenza and after a distance of 51 km. flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea around Scalea. E 'il calabrese river with the greatest reach of lean. It has a catchment area of 606 sq. km and an average of 9.09 cm / s. For the important range of water and the beautiful scenery of its location and 'become a destination for canoeing and rafting enthusiasts Italian and foreign

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